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Pole fitness is certainly a growing trend, and it can be very intimidating. A certain image comes to mind when you think of pole dancers - young, skinny, super strong and oh so elegant... Am I right?

Here at The Pole Room we welcome everybody, and every body. This is an open, welcome and non-judgement space available to everyone; no matter your age, size, shape or experience.

You do not need to be young, skinny and fit to join. You don't even need any dancing experience. You just need to show up and give it your best. 

I don't need to tell you about all of the health benefits that come with pole dancing - they're the same as any other form of fitness: weight loss, toning, reduced joint pain, improved mobility and flexibility, lower stress levels, endorphin release, improved stamina.. the list goes on.


BUT pole has some added benefits on top of allll that. NOTHING improves your body positivity like pole. NOTHING makes you feel that level of confidence in yourself. Pole is a sport like no other. 

And you learn to do some pretty cool stuff too!


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I'm so excited to help you discover your new passion!

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