About Mae
Originally from Somerset, Mae has always been into some form of fitness. From team
sports like hockey and netball to body building, lone running and pole dancing, she's
always trying something new and has a great passion for healthy living.
            Mae first decided to train as a PT after being bombarded with requests from friends (and                friends of friends) to help them get in shape. The coursework was intense, especially with              a full-time job working in customer service (selling trees!). 
Shortly after completing her course in 2018, Mae began training friends and friends of
friends, as well as coaching classes for the over 40's in Yeovil - still in her full-time job!
            In August 2019, after juggling real clients (instead of just friends), classes and her job                    Mae finally took the leap of faith and quit her job, taking personal training full-time. 
Since then, Mae has many loyal and long-term clients who have stuck with her through
thick and thin - even moving to online Zoom sessions when the pandemic hit and she
moved to Wales. 
Mae is always learning and trying new things, keeping up with personal and professional development. She is super passionate about making a difference in peoples' lives and helping her clients develop a renewed sense of self-esteem, self-worth and a new happier, healthier lifestyle.
It is Mae's aim to instil confidence and strength back into the lives of her clients, and as many other people as she can help.
Open and friendly, Mae is always happy for you to get in touch with any queries you might have. She specialises in making women aged 35 and over feel healthier, stronger and ultimately happier and she'll do everything in her power to help you - even if that's just a 30 minute stretch session once a week!
Drop her a line if there's anything you need.
Mae has taken her passion of pole fitness to the next level - she is now a qualified pole fitness instructor. Currently coaching from her newly renovated Pole Room, she hopes to open the world of pole fitness up to many more ladies who would never think it possible to be able to swing around a pole.


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